" Half The Park Is After Dark"
Want to know where the best stargazing sites are?
Interested in astronomy public education?
Interested in preserving parks as the last refuge for dark starry skies?
Ever wanted to connect with others who feel the same way you do?

The Milky Way rising over Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah.
Photo: NPS Dan Duriscoe (c)

There are many websites devoted to light pollution issues and amateur astronomy clubs, but this site is designed by the rangers and volunteers who pool their time, resources and talents to promote and protect our dark night skies for all those curious stargazers who visit national and state parks. This is a site for those who like to keep in touch with solar and evening sky programs around the U.S.
Did you know many national and state parks have daily solar observing programs at their visitor centers? Many parks that offer solar telescope viewing may not list it on their web site calendars. It's always a good idea to call your park for next solar observing program.
An active Sun's surface as it approaches solar max provide many opportunities to witness these amazing events at a park near you! Whether you want to know where the best dark sky parks are, get information on activities to do for the general public or get your astronomy club involved in organizing a star party in a park, this website has a lot of resources and expertise on hand to get the most out of your park experience.

To see a list of Evening Programs in the National Park click here.
Events happening nearest you not in a national park click here, the NASA Night Sky Network planning app is great for activities sponsored by amateur astronomy clubs around the nation.
For the The International Dark Sky Association click here.

To add a park event to the calendar please email us.
Please NOTE: the Google Calendar shows different time zones which converts the time written on the event to GMT.
To get the LOCAL time, click on the event and read the Description for true local time the event starts and ends.

Park Astronomy Programs

To download the NPS Stargazing In The Parks brochure click here.
Many park visitors feel awe-struck when they see a sky full of stars. We'd like to hear about your night sky experiences or give us your best viewing spots and tips on our blog: click here

Here's NASA's Night Sky Network Events Calendar:

This site is maintained by dedicated volunteers who work in conjunction with the NPS Night Skies Program office.



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