Park Rangers

Here are several Park and Ranger web page links that increase public awareness of night sky viewing programs:

 Park     State  Ranger
Acadia National Park  Maine Program Ranger Michael Marion
Badlands National Park  southwestern South Dakota Program Ranger Aaron Kaye
Big Bend National Park*
 west Texas Program Ranger Bob A. Smith
Bryce Canyon National Park  southwestern Utah Program "Dark Ranger" Kevin Poe
Cedar Breaks National Monument  southwestern Utah Star parties may be canceled due to inclement weather. For more information call the visitor center at 435-586-0787 ex. 4031 (during the summer season only)
Carlsbad Caverns National Park  southeastern New Mexico Program Ranger Ellen Rohn
Craters of the Moon National Monument     southeastern Idaho Program Ranger Ted Stout
Death Valley National Park* southern California     Program Ranger Carole Wendler
Grand Canyon National Park  northern Arizona South Rim: Park Ranger Marker Marshall , 
North Rim:
Supervisory Park Ranger
Great Basin National Park  eastern Nevada Sky Ranger Kelly Carroll
Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve  
 southern Colorado
Sky Ranger Danielle York
Joshua Tree National Park  southern California Sky Ranger Joe Zarki
Natural Bridges National Monument*  southeast Utah Sky Ranger Gordon Gower
Rocky Mountain National Park  northern Colorado Sky Ranger Cynthia Langguth
Whiskeytown National Recreation Area   northern California Sky Ranger Robert Gutierrez
 *- indicates park is designated a Dark Sky Park by the International Dark-Sky Association
Cultural Sky Connections:
For Archeoastronomy, Chaco is featured on NASA"s Traditions of the Sun website.
Hawaiian Culture, click here for astronomical terms in the Hawaiin native language.
Native American Cultures and click here for more general skylore.
More on ASP's Education Resources webpage, click here.
Hey Rangers did you know #27 in the NPS Call To Action is Starry, Starry Night: 
"Lead the way in protecting natural darkness as a precious resource
and create a model for dark sky protection by establishing America’s
first Dark Sky Cooperative on the Colorado Plateau in collaboration
with other federal agencies, partners, and local communities."

Need a program logo? Have you seen Tyler Nordgren's park artwork?
Based on his park artist residence stay, Tyler became inspired by the WPA poster artwork series and created a "See The Milky Way" campaign in the national parks. 
Here's an example:

Check out the Sky & Telescope Magazine May 2012 edition for Tyler's awesome article on "Astronomy in the National Parks"!!!

NASA Training for Informal Educators
There are several NASA Education and Public Outreach (E/PO) materials and training offered through NASA websites. To easily navigate through the choices the best place to start is the joint federal effort between NASA, NPS and USFWS website called Earth To Sky. Click here for resources and click here for webinar trainings.

NASA also sponsors E/PO training through Lunar & Planetary Science Institute that also organize workshops around the country.

If you would like more help connecting a park to the cosmos the NPS Night Skies Program Office can help.

The Space Exploration Experience (SEE) Project for the Blind and Visually Impaired

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