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2017 Total Eclipse Planning

Path of 2017 Total Solar Eclipse. Click on the image above to see a Google map of the U.S. and then click on your geographic location to see the percent totality that can be observed.

Welcome! This site is set up to help you plan for your park's event on
 August 21, 2017 Total Eclipse events.
For those who remember the May 2012 Annular eclipse and the June 2012 Transit of Venus events, this eclipse will bring a large number of international eclipse viewers. Please do not underestimate the importance of early park planning, volunteers and community stakeholders.
List of National Park Units with 100% Totality

 Moving East to West

  STATE                PARK UNIT(s)

Georgia                 CHCH

Idaho                    CRMO (98%)

Illinois                   LIHO (96%)

Kansas                 FOSC (96%), TAPR (96%) 

Kentucky              MACA (99%), ABLI (96%)

Missouri               HSTR (99.72%), JEFF (99.97%), WICR (95%)

Nebraska              AGFO, CHROHOME, SCBLNIOB (97%)

North Carolina       CAHA (88%), CARL (99%), MOCR (95%)

Oregon                 JODACRLA (95%)

South Carolina      FOSU, CONG, FOPU (96%), KIMO (98%), NISI 

Tennessee            CHCH GRSM, FODO

Wyoming              DETO, (94%)FOBU (96%)FOLO, GRTE, YELL (99%)

14 Parks will have 100% totality. However, every park in the United States, including Virgin Islands and Alaska parks (except Hawaii, SAMO and Guam)  will see a partial solar eclipse greater than 40% totality.

2017 Event Planning Spreadsheet - add your own public park event info here!

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