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Planning for an Astronomy Event?
 Make sure to check out the free and helpful downloads at the end of this webpage!

Astronomical Highlights for 2016, 2017, 2018

Web Links
Eclipse 2017 click here
What's up tonight? Click here for StarDate.
Meteor Showers throughout the year, click here.
Safe sunspot viewing click here.
NASA Eclipse Website click hereFor Beginners click here
Solar Observing information click here
For eye safety information click here.
For safe solar viewing click here.
Photography for eclipses and transits click here and here.
For video filming click here.
Transit of Venus and Mercury information click here.
Ordering Eclipse viewing products click here.
A Blog on bright things up and coming to look out for, AstroBob Blog 
Astronomy Day is in May and October
GLOBE at Night  one event per month!

Astronomy and Outreach Community Calendars:
US Navy Observatory is astronomical data services
Sea and Sky is an astronomical events calendar
Dark Skies Awareness is an international outreach calendar
NASA Night Sky Network is an amateur astronomy club events calendar
NASA Night Sky Planner is a site to know what's up for the evening.
NASA's Sun-Earth Day  has a calendar for Jun 5th activities.
Sky and Telescope is a weekly calendar of what's up in the sky
Astronomy Informal Education Links:
Space Science Institute's , KINESTHETIC ASTRONOMY scroll to bottom for pdf download. This is the activity to enage a group to move and learn about the seasons and lunar phases.
Lunar & Planetary Institute's Explore! Marvel Moon, SkyTellers and Mars outreach activities for informal science educators.
ASP's Education Resoure webpage, click here.
Online NPS for kids is called WebRangers: The Case of the Dissapearing Dark Sky
Starry Night Education Free Resources great instructional graphics and materials
Interpretive Training Links:
NPS & Eppley Institute's Interpretive Development Program, click here for the Foundations of Interpretation pdf links for interpretive worksheets. 
The NPS Interpretive Process Model click here for the pdf.
Astronomical Data Links:
US Navy Observatory is astronomical data services

Movie Viewing Opportunities for Public and Private Venues:
City Dark (now on Netflix)
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Sep 24, 2014, 1:15 PM
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